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We welcome you to the world’s most successful site in offering free instagram followers; yes, absolutely free. We began our small business offering Instagram marketing, a few weeks after the launch of Instagram. Without any competition, we got amazing support from people around the globe. Our company expanded and we followed the path of web promotions. However, we still have genuine resources, which can help you in gaining free instagram followers. We have experiences and solutions as well. Due to these solutions, you can get free instagram followers from this site. You may have seen that many websites are selling low-quality instagram followers, from bots and other lethargic resources. But why you should pay for low-quality service when you can easily get high-quality free followers on instagram from us. We also provide instagram likes for free, so do not forget to check it out. Our system is 24X7 active and we even reply to queries, which is a rare benefit as most companies do not entertain free clients. We are with you all the time and we appreciate your interest towards our services.

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  • FREE: It is free of cost. You heard it correct. There is no need for you to pay any money when signing up. The money saved can be used for some other purpose in your business.
  • SAFE: This is a legitimate method of getting followers on Instagram. There is no need to feel afraid of using this service. We will be going anonymous and the need to worry and fret about getting caught it not there.
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  • LIKES: We also provide you with free likes which you might consider using for your social media marketing goals. And sometimes you will receive likes from the free followers as well.

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I initially doubted the service as I had used a few similar so-called services, without any avail and was hence apprehensive. But to my utter surprise I got what I wanted. They have kept their word. It is a great feeling to have so many followers in a legitimate manner. It has become exceeded my expectations.


When I first saw this site, I figured it couldn’t really work like they said it did. To my surprise it really and truly does work. Other sites charge for the same thing this site does, but why pay when you can get results like this for free? I also don’t like giving out my credit card information online, which is another thing that makes this site great.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are you giving all these followers away for free?
This question has been asked often and probably the answer to that would be, why not? The service is free of charge. Not to mention, the company remains completely anonymous and will tell nobody as this. The company started back in the year 2012 and then where selling followers for real users. Earlier when the business was lull, the company did not face any competition that could be told off. However, lately the competition is intense. This is when we stopped our business. However, our advertising campaigns give us sufficient to move ahead and provide this awesome service without charge. This is when we decided that the lesser the better and give free service and providing followers for free on Instagram.

Could my account get banned from using this service?
No. It will not get banned because this is a safe and legal service. This appears legal and legitimate which makes you free from worrying about penalties. We have been in this business from 2012 and till date, none of our customers have faced any kind of problems.
As long as we are able to keep this service going on, you have nothing to worry about.

How many followers or likes I can receive maximum?
You can request it once a day and receive 11k free Instagram followers. Why don’t you join today and reap the benefits of having so many followers?
Don’t you want to feel like a superstar?
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Benefits of having more followers on Instagram

Probably you are asking yourself, why do you need so many followers on Instagram? What can so many followers do to my Instagram profile or social media presence? Can it really increase your online presence? When these questions are in your mind, then making use of these kinds of services is crucial for your getting the online presence that you deserve.

You will want to make yourself familiar with the term social media marketing. It is a kind of online marketing where you get to promote yourself on social media sites like Instagram. It is very important when you want to have a powerful online presence and promote your business. Whether you are running a personal blog or having an online business, having a strong presence on social media sites can immensely help in gaining popularity online.

You would be surprised to find out that millions of users are using Instagram on a daily basis. So, what does that mean to your social media presence? Imagine the number of people going through your social media profile once you have gained so many followers. You have just become an overnight superstar.

Don’t be surprised if your competitors are making use of such services to gain online popularity. All is fair in love and war. The same principle is applied here and is there for your taking. If you make use of it, you benefit and gain through it. When you feel it is not a big deal, then you are going to be the loser.

Being active on the Internet can immensely increase your search engine rankings, which is the ultimate aim the more the rankings the better for your business. The likes, comments, followers… which you get through social media marketing, become sales for you. Unless you take some steps like these to improve your online presence, nobody is going to know you or bother about you.